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Complaint goods

Fill in our complaint protocol and send together with the claimed goods, a copy of the invoice and a service protocol on professional installation to DÍLYNAKOTLE sro, Dubenec 134, 544 55. To expedite the complaint, do not forget to include a short description of the product defect and information on how to remedy it.

In case of a refund, state the account number.


A gas boiler is a dedicated gas appliance. Gas boiler repairs and installation of a new part may only be performed by persons who are authorized and certified to perform installations and repairs on gas equipment, are trained by the manufacturer, importer or supplier of these gas equipment, typically a certified service technician. In the case of installation of a spare part by a person who does not have the above authorization and certificate, damage to the part by unprofessional installation or failure to provide a service report, you will not be recognized as a claim for the spare part.

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