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INTERGAS spare parts

Intergas is the leading manufacturer of gas wall condensing boilers in the Netherlands, the first European country where condensing boilers have completely replaced their atmospheric predecessors before 2000. The tradition of INTERGAS gas wall boiler production dates back to 1961 and INTERGAS introduced its first gas condensing boiler 1989. INTERGAS boilers were conceived from the outset as a direct substitute for combined wall-mounted boilers with copper exchangers and atmospheric burners, and the entire construction of the boilers was subject to this requirement. In 1996, the original solution of the two-circuit heat exchanger KOMPAKT was introduced for the first time, which has been fully proven in practice and therefore this concept is still used in current models of boilers INTERGAS KOMPAKT. The mass production of 4,000pcs of wall-mounted boilers a week allows the use of high-tech technologies while maintaining a very favorable price, which makes the INTERGAS KOMPAKT boilers more attractive to Czech and Slovak customers.

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