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BERETTA spare parts

The history of the Beretta brand dates back to 1950. The company began operating in the metallurgy sector and at the same time worked for large Italian and international industrial concerns. Gradually, Riello began focusing on residential heating, which became the basis of the company's future focus. Thanks to advances in science, the Riello Group has launched the production of oil-fired boilers under its own brand Beretta. The development of this strategic focus was based on completely innovative concepts for the time, the devices are quite independent and their features excel especially in the comfort of operation and also savings for the common user. In 1973 came the second important turning point for the company. The Riello Group was the first in Italy to introduce gas-fired wall-hung boilers. During the heating crisis, gas proved to be an ideal source for a residential heating system. The Riello Group was one of the first to achieve this alternative and to start new production. Over time, the company's competitiveness in the residential heating sector has grown so that Beretta has become a reference point for the entire market. In our country, Beretta boilers were imported by APS-Praha, s.r.o. and since 1993. The best known boilers include Idra Exclusive, Idra IP 44, Mynute, Ciao, Exclusive boiler.

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