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GEMINOX spare parts

Geminox is one of the leading manufacturers of heating technology not only in France but also worldwide. Its export territory covers a total of 16 countries. The credo of “high technology heating” is fulfilled to “108%”, as evidenced by the fact that THR condensing boilers manufactured by Geminox have for many years been the market leader in the Swiss market, one of the most demanding not only due to climatic conditions, but also to clients' own requirements. The main advantages of these products include the construction of all main parts (burner, heat exchanger, condensate trap, eventually DHW tank) made of austenitic stainless steel. 316 L. This hard-to-machine material is exceptionally resistant to condensation and heat and guarantees long boiler life. The manufacturer's many years of experience with this steel make it possible to guarantee the processing technology using the most modern methods, including laser welding, at the required quality level. Geminox is one of the primary producers of condensing boilers. Their products, which were 100% developed and manufactured at the parent plant in St. Thegonnec, also produces for other companies under their brands - such as the Swiss Elcotherm, British Hamworthy, German Elco-Klöckner or Austrian Olymp.

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