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How to set the TacoFlow2 pump correctly

Pump operating mode

TACOFLOW2 energy-saving pumps are the best solution for any heating system in households, shops, rental apartments and industrial buildings. The electronic pump system allows the appropriate mode to be set. For the TACOFLOW2 model we have 3 setting areas - Turn the knob to determine the desired mode.    

1. Min-Max mode - manual setting of the required speed    

2. C mode (∆p-c) Constant differential pressure - 2 constant pressure curves (CI, CII)    

3. P mode (∆p-v) Variable differential pressure - 2 pressure variable curves (P1, P2

Min-max mode

Fixed speed For energy-saving pump TACOFLOW2 energy-saving pumps The required speed of the pump can be set at any point on the speed curves between the Min and Max positions of the controller. The result is the ability to meet any heating system requirement (from single-pipe to state-of-the-art and integrated systems) and ensure optimum pump performance. By installing a conventional three-speed pump, it is not always possible to achieve the optimal working level of the pump. Thanks to the possibility of gradually adjusting the speed of rotation of the pump, we select the actually required working power from MIN to MAX speed. TACOFLOW2 energy-saving pumps replace the full range of traditional pumps = your stock will be much lower.

c mode - constant differential pressure

The pump maintains a constant pressure and reduces the system flow as the heating system demand decreases. A straight curve can be selected for a specified flow range. This mode is suitable for all underfloor heating systems in which the individual circuits must be balanced (balanced) to the same pressure losses. It is also suitable for applications with constant conditions (curves) of the piping system (eg systems without the use of thermostatic valves).

P mode (∆p-v) Variable differential pressure K

The innovative pump electronics developed in Askoll's research laboratories relatively reduce the pressure level depending on the reduction of the heating system requirements (flow reduction). The proportional curve can be selected within a specified flow range. Thanks to this feature, the consumption of energy-saving pumps is reduced. TACOFLOW energy-saving pumps. The electricity consumption of the pump decreases depending on the pressure and flow. With this mode, TACOFLOW energy-saving pumps ensure optimum performance in most heating systems, especially in single-pipe and double-pipe installations. TACOFLOW energy-saving pumps work reliably and quietly. With pressure reduction (HEAD), they eliminate the possibility of additional noise generated by the flow in pipes, valves and radiators.

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